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stuff that's easier...woo?

Alright. Screw it. Both times i tried to redo my rp it screwed up and then when i was putting it in the order it wouldn't screw up, the computer friggin died on me!!! Ahhh! Sorry Emily, I can't give them to you. -_-

The Marines called me yesterday!!! Wooohoooo! And then mom called and asked for ma petites mom's cell phone! So I'll be down in Jacksonville soon!! But of course I can't see Dimetrius (*fake cries* ok that's enough) (like I'm gonna listen to them? Plus, the bastard has my drawing/sucky poem! And I want it back!) ^_^ Okay. So yeah, I GOT TA SEE AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE LAST NIGHT!! (I love Frylock ^_^)I believe the episodes were "bad replicant" and "interfection." I liked Interfection. Can I ask something? What the hell is up with "Dr. Wierd" wearing leopard underwear? Honestly, I don't wanna see that shit. Thats disguisting. And plus, I'm the one with the leopard underwear and thongs. Not him.

Then I saw Invader Zim, and Sesshomaru *orgasims and shivers*, Full Metal Alchemist, and the movie Heavy Metal. But I just stayed for the first "stars and stripes all over" sex scene, then I went to bed, did my usual daydreaming, then went to sleep. All around 2:30 am. Yippee huh?

Yesterday was a pretty good day for me. All this, and more.

I'll see you people later. Byez. (You know what Em, I'll just give you the names of my rp characters, and what rp they're in, kay?)

KRONOS- The first Death Goddess of Ellysian, or the world of the dead, killed by Thakisis
JESSIE- Second in command, or Death Bringer, to Kronos, once Kronos is killed, she becomes the new Kronos and protector/keeper of Ellysian
DIMETRIUS- Once Jessie becomes Kronos, she appoints Dimetrius second in command, so now he wields the Ellysian Scyth, and now delivers death to people
ERYC- Vampire lord of Ellysian, tries to hit on anything with boobs

CLAUDIA- Vampire master, sire and lover of Jessica
JESSICA- Vampire, lover of Claudia, Jamil, Jean Claude, and Nathanial, dies at the beginning
NATHANIAL- Werewolf, Jessie's pet before her passing, stripper at Guilty Pleasures
JAMIL- Wereleopard, Jessie's pet before her passing, married to Lethe
JEAN CLAUDE- Master Vampire of the City, Jessies main lover
CHRISTINE- Former FBI agent turned vampire to save her life, stripper at Guilty Pleasures
DORIAN- Sire of Christine deLouise, manager of Guilty Pleasures
STACY/VALENTINE- 9 years old, abandoned in a grocery store, caught in the middle of open fire between the FBI and the Los Lobos gang, saved by Christine, turned by Christine, and was then known as Valentina the vampire
LETHE/SNOW WHITE- Carpathian Healer who was stolen by vampires who erased her memory and told her she was a vampire, tracked down by Edward, memories flooded her mind, and with Vlad's help, learned her ways again
EDWARD- Carpathian who tracked Lethe down, killed Jamil, Lethe's husband, and was killed by Vladimere
VLADIMERE- Prince of the Carpathian people, helps Lethe find herself again, then stays with her and the Guilty Pleasures staff for a while till his people need him again

JESSIE- FBI agent, treats Cat to Chinatown D.C. where they meet D, petshop owner, and get to know him before the human race dies by his hands.
D- Petshop owner who's quite fond of sweets, thinks humans are the most diguisting things on the planet, is a clone of his father (Count D) and his grandfather (Count D). If you want to learn more about D, read the Petshop of Horrors manga
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