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Is is this a chat room? Is myspace a chat room? No!! Mailfriends, yahoo IM, AIM, are all chat rooms! These 2, live journal and myspace, are not chat rooms! And I'm not allowed to look for my old friends from my 2nd year of 7th grade? Geez! I only got on myspace to look for them! I found Sarah on here, I found Jesie on myspace, I was about to find Evan on myspace when Mrs Thing comes up and tells me the site I was on, myspace, was a freakin chat room! It is not a chat room! It's like that site that mom uses to find her friends, switch something, I don't know, except myspace is more modern and to where you can look for other friends, keep up with them, and not lose them! I don't have AIM or Yahoo so I couldn't chat on there anyways! What's the big deal!? Huh? She makes it sound like I'm doing cyber sex and it's the real damn thing!AHHH!! I'm so sick of her not letting me find my old friends! Now what I will admit to on the chatrooms, is that I did go on to Mailfriends. But for one reason and one reason only. To find Kristian. But then when I found his e-mail, I deleted myself off mailfriends and e-mailed him. That's the only time I've gotten on to a freakin chat room when I wasn't supposed to. But now that I've found Kris, I've no use for Chatrooms. I have this so that away my FRIENDS, not people I don't know, can see how I'm doing. I've permitted this to be FRIENDS ONLY. Not for the public. *sighs* Thanks. I needed to get that off my shoulders.
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