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Okay. So yesterday, I become bored and tired with the story I was writting. So I came up with a new one. This is on vampires, lycanthropes, assassins, and a scientific experiment. It's gonna have some mystery, murder, I dunno about romance, it might, it might not. Here it is folks. The first, second, and third chapter. Enjoy or don't.

The streets of Jacksonville Florida at night were almost dead. The lamp posts were the only things to light the way. I could hear only a few cars on University. Graywood had no lights on it, and the small road had absolutley no street lights on it, and looking outside the bedroom window was one of the nicest things to me. The silence. The nothingness. Everyone I knew was asleep. At least, every human I knew was. My name is Jessica Gray. No, I am not a vampire, a lycanthrope, or anything for that matter-but I am, or was, a scientific experiment. I was made to be human, but was given the powers of shifting and flight. Most people do call me a vampire just because they say I look like one. I have long black hair that falls to my waist, steel gray eyes, and alabaster skin that the sun has touched and not effected. The scientists said it was real skin, but they seemed to have left that one coloring problem out. They also made me so I can't sleep. I can relax, but I can't sleep. So instead, I meditate. They say that meditation helps you grow stronger. It just makes me more alert.
I slid off my bed and slipped into my black silk robe. On the back was cards ace's stitched on. I walked into the living room to find Jonathin on the computer, IMing his buddies, or who I guessed was his buddies. "Still up?" I asked. He nodded his head with his chin resting in between his thumb and index finger. I shook my head. He was the only human who knew my secret. My only secret. He also knew, if he told anybody, I'd shoot him and watch him die, and take I'd enjoy every moment of it. At least that's what I told him two and a half years ago when he'd found out. At that time, the only thing I cared about was him paying half the rent. But since I got to know him a little better, it would actually hurt a small part in me to kill him. He looked at me calm and just said, "Okay." when I told him what I'd do. My roommate wasn't much of a talker.
"See ya later," I said, then turned to go back to my room to get dressed. Once I had my pants on, he came in. Thank whatever god was out there that I still had my robe on so he couldn't see any part of me. By the way, I had a lot of scars on my back and front side. I got them after I woke up in a science lab and went ape shit. They held me down, poured, either acid or holy water on me, and gave me what I'd never felt before, the pain of some sort of acid. I buttoned up my pants when he asked, "Where you going?"
I thought about that for a moment then shrugged. "I don't know. Anywhere is my guess. The beach possibly?" I looked at him over my shoulder when I said the last. "Why? You wanna come?"
He looked down at the floor and shrugged. "I don't know. I'm bored, so...Yeah, I guess."
I nodded. It was the last week of fall. Thank God. "You gonna grab a jacket?"
He shook his head. "Nah. I'll live without it." He turned into the hall way. "Meet you outside." He started to leave but stopped. "Which one are we taking?"
It took me a moment to realize what he was talking about. "Motorcycle. So grab your jacket."
He nodded and left. I walked over to my door and shut it. I didn't want him seeing me naked, or half naked just in case he walked by. I put on a navy blue tank top to go with my tight black pants and boots. I put my hair up in a french braid, grabbed my helmet and slipped on my jacket. Jonathin stood outside my door in regular blue jeans, black shirt, and black tennis shoes with his helmet and jacket. "Alright. Where do you want to go?" I asked when I started out to the door. His reply was, "Anywhere is fine with me," when we stepped outside and found a figure in the shadows. I got stilled, ready to shift into what I needed to be. Daviel the vampire stepped out. I sighed. "You know you're really pissing me off with this stalking crap," I said.
He shrugged. "Just checking up."
I stared at him. "Where you headed off to?" he asked.
"None of your business, so leave us."
He bowed and flew off, leaving Jonathin and I alone. "Bastard," I mumbled. I checked around the house and found that he left nothing that wasn't supposed to be there. Good. Going back to the my Yamaha R1 and Jon, I put on my helmet. Jonathin already had his on. The both of us got on the bike and rode off the grass and onto the street. Taking where ever they wanted to take me, I let my hands and body drive. Jon stayed like glue onto my back, so when I leaned, he leaned. Riding a motorcycle was easy as long as the person riding with you stayed on you like puddy.

We didn't arrive anywhere special, but just rode around the downtown Jacksonville Landing area. We stopped at a gas station and got a drank. We hung out there for around, oh, say, fifteen minutes, and left. With my hands and body leading again, we went to the beach. A few teenagers were having bon fires and were drinking till they threw up. Some were making out and some were sneaking off to the dark areas of the pier. Jon paid no attention to them, he just looked around. A few minutes later we got bored and departed.
DV8 was the only place Jonathin knew of to go to. Jon's friend, Sara, was the club owner. She was a werepanther. People were dressed in black leather and vinyl. Girls in vinyl and leather outfits that their moms would go ape shit over, and the men, heh, the men had barely anything on. Jason though, a werewolf, wore a fish net shirt with leather pants that were split down the sides, his light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. He smiled and waved at me. I waved back. He seemed the only safe person there. Jon guided me through the dancing lycanthropes and vampires. I noticed my vampire friend James out on the dance floor with a human girl. On the other side of him was Rafael, his sire, dancing in nothing but a magenta thong. I didn't like Rafael. He was too...nice. James wore a vinyl vest with leather pants that had hoops on the sides. His black hair melted away into that vinyl vest. Jon pulled more on my hand when I heard, "Jonathin! And...Jessica." Brenda, the DV8's manager, wasn't too pleased to see me. She thought Jonathin and I were sleeping together, and that made her jealous of me. Meaning she hated my guts. I didn't really need that. She hugged Jonathin close to her, trying to mark him as hers, but he pulled away from her. "Where's Sarah?" He had to yell over the loud music.
"Upstairs in her office." She said and gave me the evil eye. I gave her one back. Jon took my hand again and led me up the stairs. I looked back and saw Jason blow me a kiss. I smiled and winked at him. Brenda saw it and glared at me. I was sleeping with the man she wanted and cheating on him. I knew exactly what she was thinking. I just smiled and moved closer to Jonathin and laughed to myself. I loved pissing her off.
Once we were in the upstairs hallway, Sarah came out of her office and smiled at us. "Jonathin, how are you?" She brushed blond hair back behind her ear with the rest of her straight shoulder length hair.
He smiled and told her, "Quite good."
They hugged. She and I were the only people Jonathin hugged that I knew of.
She turned and smiled at me, her dark gray eyes shining at me. "Jessica, how nice to see you. How've you been?" she hugged me.
I hugged her back. "Good, actually. I think I just pissed off Brenda. that always cheers me up. How about you?"
"Oh God, what did you do?" They both asked.
I shrugged and simply said, "I saw my friend Jason, he blew me a kiss, I winked at him, and Brenda just got mad. Didn't mean to do it but it felt good."
"Must you tease her?" Sarah asked.
I looked down at the ground and tried not to smile. "Hey...Have you tried telling her we're not doing the nasty with each other?"
"Oui, I have..." She said.
"But does she listen?" I asked.
It was her turn to look down. She sighed. "Non. She does not." She led us into her entertainment room. There, she left us alone with her personal movie theater and told us to have fun. Jon and I looked at each other with wide grins. "I challenge DDR." He said.
"I accept." I said and rushed to get her X-box and Dance Dance Revolution set up. The T.V./movie screen took up the whole wall. I finally got it set up and rushed over to my DDR mat. The screen came up and we decided one of the hardest songs there were. The up-beat music came up and so did the arrows. For four minutes we moved our feet like there was no tomorrow. Jonathin won. He danced around happy. He always won. He'd been at this longer than I had. I merely stuck my tongue out at him. "Is that a challenge?" He asked and looked at me. "You know you can't beat me." He stated. I laughed. For the rest of night we played DDR and watched old horror movies. We both had an agreement that the horror movies nowadays just plain sucked. At a quarter to dawn, Jon began to tire, so we grabbed our things, said good night to Sarah, and left with out running into Brenda. She was probably already asleep since she was a vampire.
It took us twenty minutes to get home and sunlight had crept over the tall trees in front of our yard. I unlocked the door and closed it after Jon stumbled in after me. He said good night and went to bed. I chuckled. I had to be at work in three hours. Yippee. Work.

I pulled up into the employee parking lot of the mall. The Orange Park Mall had been open for three hours so far. I worked at the knives and sword shop, Outlanders. It wasn't much of a job, but hey, it got me money for the bills. Plus, working with knives and getting to handle them wasn't all that bad. I saw it as fun. I saw Tyler who worked at the Kay's Jewelery across the hall. His waist length blond hair was back in it's usual multiple ponytails. He walked by and winked at me like he did everytime I saw him. We weren't exactly "friends." The first day I got here, he lingered in Outlanders and pretended to look at the knives I was handeling and be interested in the swords when he was asking me if he could look at them. I handed it to him and he almost dropped it. He was tall and strong, but it seemed he didn't know how to handle swords. His business suit this time was a tanned brown color with a white cotton shirt underneith. It suited him and his dark brown eyes. I smiled and nodded hello to him when the first customer came in and scanned the knives. Delany, my best friend. We favored out guns and knives and read the same books. In a way, she and I were alike. She was just more of a sociopath than me. Just an every day run of the mill psychopathic bitch. Just like me. "Got any knew guns on you today?" I asked, my right eyebrow raised.
She sighed and just said wistfully, "No," as she leaned down over the counter to check out the knives. "None today."
I shook my head. "What are you looking for, Delany?"
"Anything sharp and deadly." she said without looking up at me. Hey unhuman amber eyes were bolted to the chrome six inch blade just below her left hand. Her black curls that were streaked with natural silver to her ass was put up in a high pony tail. She was about my height and dressed in black 501 jeans, a black shirt that said, "Jacks House Of Pain," her work shirt and on her back, it said, "Where Your Pain Is My Pleasure," that was tucked in her jeans, and her black hiking boots. Her skin was a golden brown color that almost welded with her eyes. She looked up at me then and added, "Like me," and gave me her wicked smile. Delany backed off the counter and stared at me. Her way of memorizing me. Seeing that I wore skin tight black leather pants, tight black tank top, and boots, she smirked. As did I. "Where you headed off to?" I asked.
She shrugged. "Probably over to Kay's to stalk Mr. Nice Muffin Ass."
I smiled. "Tyler?" I shook my head. "Have fun stalking him." I said as she walked out the glass doors. I shook my head again and went to go clean the Heavy Metal 2000 sword that I loved so much. Man that sword was wicked!
David came in a short time later to help me out. He was one of my co-workers. He didn't say anything so I guessed he was pissed off and didn't say anything. A short time later though, when we had our break, he took a long drag of his cigerette and sighed. He then looked at me with troubled eyes. He wanted to say something but was debating on it, is what I figured. David took another drag and spilled his guts out to me, looking down at me while I sat on the concrete ground. "You know what I just don't get?" He asked so suddenly. I looked up at him and shrugged. He wouldn't stop looking down at me. "Maranda! I just don't understand her!" Oh shit, I thought. "She treats me like I don't do shit! I work. She doesn't. I take care of little Carrie. She doesn't. I bring in the money, she takes it all and spends it, then says I don't have any money at all!" He threw his hands up in the air in a pointless gesture. "I don;t understand her. And what the hell does she do what that money?"
I cocked my head to the right using his body as a sun block and was still looking up at him. "Coke."
"You say that as if you know it for a fact." He said.
"What makes you think I don't?" I gave him an intense stare. "At the corner of my street is a coke dealer. I've seen Maranda buy the shit from him. I know, David. I've seen it. Seen her. Kick her out, David, it's the best thing to do for you and your little girl Carrie."
"How can I? I love her."
"If she loved you, she wouldn't do that type of shit to you, Miller." Miller was his last name by the way. "She doesn't love you."
"She loves-"
"She doesn't give a damn about Carrie. She never has."
He stared at me and Tyler walked by, smiling at me. I pretended not to notice him. "How can you sound so cold about it, Jess?" He asked, his eyebrows ruffled.
I sighed. "Because she doesn't love you and yet you keep wanting her. She doesn't want you. She won't help you out with Carrie. She won't do shit but take your money, and go buy drugs, drugs, and more drugs with it. Kick her the hell out! It's that simple."
It was his turn to sigh. "Fine. I'll do it."
"Before this weekend. If you don't then I'll find a way to do it." I said when I looked at my watch. "Time to go in."
Miller seemed depressed the rest of the day. We finally locked up around nine thirty. Good timing too.

Jonathin wasn't home when I came in from work. I couldn't hear anything so I just went to the computer and started checking my e-mails when Delany called me around ten. "Hello?"
"Jess? It's Delany."
"Yeah, what's up?" I asked. I didn't have to ask how she got my phone number. Knowing her, she probably had connections to phone numbers and everything else.
"I almost had another assignment." Oh. I almost forgot to add. Delany was an assassin.
I raised my eyebrows. "Oh, really? Who?"
A minute silence was on the other end. "You. I was going to be paid fifty grand to kill you. "
I took a deep breathe. "And...?"
"It was too cheap. I told them not no but hell no. I'm not that cheap. But for that price some one will pick it up."
"So what? So watch your ass."
I nodded. "Any idea who it could've been?" she asked. "I don't know." I said.
"Hold on. I have another call." she said and put me on hold. I hung up. For one, I didn't like to be put on hold. Two, I didn't know who it was that wanted me dead. And for fifty grand? I'm not that cheap.
I put on my wrist sheaths and grabbed my helmet and jacket. "So watch your ass," she said. Heh. No shit. I had my cell phone with me. No doubt she would find that number and call it. My phone rang. I pulled off to the side and looked at the number :"UNKOWN NUMBER" was written in big block letters. It buzzed two times. I had a messege. I put my cell phone back on my belt and got back on the road. When I stopped at the K Mart store on San Jose, I pulled out my cell phone and hit the messege button. I went through the usual, "You have one new messege and no saved messeges..." I pressed one before the voice said anything else.
"Jessica. It's Delany. They just raised the ante up to seventy-five thou. Cash. I'd have more people to kill if I was your body guard. How about it? Call me back at this number," she gave it to me, "and call me soon." She hung up. I pushed the off button and called Jon's cell. He didn't answer so I left a messege telling him not to go home tonight, that some one has hired a hitman to kill me, and hung up. I rode over to the public library and hung around there for a while. Then rode up to DV8, to see if Jonathin was there. I walked on up to the second floor witouth running into Brenda. Brenda. Could she have hired the hitman? No. She didn't have that much money. Sara came out of the door opposite of her office, wearing a dazzeling blue dress. She smiled and approached me. I held an arm out in the gesture of "no," and she stopped. "Mon ami, what's happened?"
"Some one hired a hitman to kill me." I looked around. "Is Jon here?"
"Non, he isn't here." she paused. "Do you need a place to stay?"
"No. But he does."
She looked at me questioningly.
"I don't want him at our current place. It wouldn't be safe for him. He is human. And from what I know, he doesn't know how to fight. He could bore you to death, but I don't know if he can fight."
"What are you saying?"
"Honestly? I don't know." We stepped into her office. "I don't want him killed is all I know. So he can't stay with me."
"Do you have any body guards?"
"I have one in line, yes."
"Bon." She said and sat down. Her leather seat gave small cries when she did.
"I want Jon to stay with you, if that's alright."
She gave a small nod. "We have rooms here for guests. So he is most welcome to stay here."
I bowed. "Thank you. If you excuse me I have to go. I have to go fetch his things then I'll be back." I paused outside her doorway. "Could you also keep Brenda away from him?"
Sara laughed. "Oui. She was fired for trying to kill one of our frequent customers last night."
She nodded.
"Where is he?"
She shrugged. "Probably at home."
Good. "Be back in an hour." I left.

I took out my keys to the house and stared at the door. There was a gigantic bullet hole in the door, big enough someone could have stuck their hand in there and unlocked my door and got in. I drew out my nine millimeter H and K and held it in front. Gently pushing the door back, it made a loud creak. Bullets were flying past me when the door became wide open. I ran in and fired back. Listening to my bullets hit skin. I heard them hit the floor hard. I walked up to them and put a bullets into their head. Had to be sure they were dead. Now they were.
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