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die Zimtzicke

Sticks and stones will break your bones but failure will get you killed.

Anita Grayson
Edward glanced at me, then back to Olaf. "The Greeks believed that once there were no male and female, that all souls were one. Then the souls were torn apart, male and female. The Greeks thought that when you found the other half of your soul, your soul mate, that it would be the perfect lover. But I think if you find your other half, you would be too much alike to be lovers, but you would still be soul mates."
I was fighting hard to keep my face from showing the growing surprise at this little speech. I hoped I was succeeding.
"What are you trying to say?" Olaf demanded.
"She is like a piece of my soul, Olaf."
"You are mad," Olaf said, "a lunatic. Soul mates, bah!"
I kind of agreed with Olaf on this one.
"Then why is the thought of giving her a gun while I hunt her one of my greatest fantasies?" Edward asked.
"Because you are mad," Olaf said.
Hear, hear, but I didn't say it out loud.
"You know I have no greater compliment to give than that," Edward said. "If I wanted to kill you, Olaf, I would just do it. The same with Bernardo because I know that I'm better than both of you. But with Anita I'll never be sure unless we do go up against each other for real. If I die without knowing which of us is better, I'll regret the not knowing."
Olaf stared down at him. "You cannot mean to say that this girl, die Zimtzicke of a girl is better than Bernardo or me."
"That's exactly what I mean."
Die Zimtzicke meant a quarrelsome or bitchy woman. Couldn't really argue with that one. I sighed. Olaf had hated me before. Now he was going to feel forced to be competitive. This I did not need. And compliment though it was, it was not reassuring to know that Edward fantasized about killing me. Oh, excuse me, hunting me while I was armed to see which of us was better. Oh, yeah, that was much more sane.
~Anita Blake, Edward/Ted Forrester, and Olaf.
by: Laurell K. Hamilton